Thursday, October 20, 2011

A new blog

On September 6, 2011, I welcomed my new daughter, and third child (after a 14.5 year hiatus) into this world. I emerged from that experience with an overjoyed heart and a completely muddled mind. This blog is for my ramblings, my recipes and my writing.

I worked at the same hamster wheel job for 17.5 years, now I will be home with my baby, Pandora. I will also be expanding our hobby-come-business, selling antiques, curiosities and collectibles. My husband and I began this business in 2002 as a way to generate a little extra income and amuse ourselves. It's gone from selling a few odd bits on ebay to a real bricks and mortar shop on Main St in the town where we live.  So I've taken a stable albeit boring existance and made a million changes simultaneously.

I have an insane hound dog, 5 ferrets, two teenagers, a newborn, an English husband, a crazy antiques business and too too much on my plate.

Welcome to my muddled mind. :)

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